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Buying Parts and Finding Information
Purchasing Parts
If you’re building a Restomod, you’re going to need parts. Some parts might be used, but some will
need to be new. There are many different sources for parts these days. More manufacturers are
making parts than ever before. You can save some money by buying from mail-order warehouses,
but you can buy from your local speed shop to support your local economy and get expert advice.
Automotive swap meets are a great place to get a good deal on hard-to-find parts. With the Internet
growing, options for purchasing what you want or need has increased. Most of the parts you need
are available from one or more sources.
Mail-Order Warehouses
Everyone is familiar with mail-order warehouses. They send you catalogs with ridiculously low prices
on all the parts you need for your car. They can offer these low prices because they buy their parts
in bulk. They may buy 250 (or more) small-block Ford Edelbrock Performer RPM intake manifolds
at one time. The manufacturers cut them deals because of the volume of parts they purchase. Mail-
order companies make their money from volume sales and shipping and handling charges. Even
when they say shipping is free, they usually hit you with handling charges.

There’s a drawback to ordering your parts through mail-order warehouses: They don’t offer the
customer service that you can get at a local speed shop. Maybe you want a new carburetor, but
don’t realize you need other parts like return springs, gaskets, carburetor studs, air cleaner studs,
hose, fittings, etc. Maybe you don’t know the exact size of carburetor you need for your engine. You
may need a little tuning help once you receive the carburetor. It might show up damaged from
shipping, and you need to return it. If you order from a mail-order warehouse, these issues are not
as easy to deal with as they would be if you paid a little more for the carburetor from your local
speed shop.
Speed Shop Speed Shops
If you have a local speed shop,
support them. They can’t always beat
the prices advertised by mail-order
companies, but they often have the
parts in stock, and they can usually
provide you with quality technical
Your local speed shop is a great place to buy new parts. If they don’t have what you want in stock,
they can usually order it for you. The parts may be more expensive than mail-order warehouses,
but they offer services mail-order companies cannot. Maybe you aren’t sure which part is best for
your application. Maybe you want to actually compare the part to a similar one from a different
manufacturer. If you buy a part that turns out to be defective, you can drive back to the speed shop
and swap it for a good part. What if you have a question about installing your part? There are
always a few employees with the knowledge to assist you. Mail-order warehouses can offer lower
prices, but they cannot compete when it comes to customer service. If you spend your money at
your local speed shop, you’ll be putting money back into your local economy. Some people actually
spend hours at the speed shop asking for help, and then they go home and order the parts from a
mail-order warehouse. Sure, they save a few bucks, but they didn’t support the shop with the
service. Speed shops cannot survive without support from customers. If you have a good local
speed shop, support them by buying your parts there. That way they’ll still be in business the next
time you need a little help with your project.
Inside view of a speed shop
When you need help finding
the parts that are right for you,
or some qualified advice, your
local speed shop can help. If
you have a problem with your
purchase, you don’t have to
deal with shipping it back.
Support local businesses.
Swap Meets
There aren’t too many places you can get great prices on new and used parts, but a swap meet is
one of them. Maybe you’re looking for a good deal on a fiberglass hood or some vintage valve
covers. Most guys get up extremely early to set out their parts, hoping to get rid of everything. Not
all of the parts will sell, but they may be willing to come down on the price so they do not have to
pack it all back up.
Salvage Yard
Wrecking Yards
Some restoration shops have
old projects sitting out in the
elements waiting for billed labor
to be paid. Some of these
projects were abandoned by the
owners. The shop can put a lien
on the title and legally sell it to
somebody else. Maybe there’s a
Restomod sitting at a shop
waiting for you.
Maybe your project calls for some stock parts. Maybe you need an interior panel that isn’t available
from original equipment manufacturers or re-manufacturers. In this case, you may have to check
some wrecking yards. The wrecking yard can be a goldmine where you may find everything you
need. If nothing at all, it is a good source for simple, small parts like bolts and washers. You may
need a complete roof section or a complete firewall and cowl section. These parts are not available
from reproduction companies. As time goes on, it is getting harder to find some parts, but if you
search yards off the beaten path, you may find what you’re looking for.

Some wrecking yards have wrecked cars of all makes and models. Others are specific to antique
cars, trucks, or a particular manufacturer. These specialty wrecking or salvage yards help increase
your chances of finding the specific part that you’re searching for.

Some salvage yards have complete engines out of new Mustangs and Cobras with transmissions
and wiring harnesses. Some of these might even have high-performance parts already installed.
For instance, a 5.0 might have headers, cam, performance injectors, and ported heads. People
have been known to find full-tilt racing transmissions, engines, and rear axles in wrecking yards.
Maybe you’ll find a set of re-upholstered sport seats or a new aftermarket shifter. You never know
what treasures lurk at your local wrecking yard.
Ford 4.6 DOHC engine
Planning on upgrading to a
4.6-liter engine and overdrive
transmission? Some salvage
yards like Mustang Parts
Specialties in Winder, Georgia
are manufacturer-specific and
also have engine and
transmission combos fresh out
of wrecked cars. They typically
include computers, harnesses,
and sensors. (Photo courtesy
The Mustang Shop)
Wrecking yards offer more than just the ability to purchase used parts. They’re a great place for
getting reference information. Maybe you need to know how a part was installed, which might be
necessary because you are doing a custom installation on your project and need to see how a part
is factory-installed on a car. You can see how a cup holder or a door panel is installed on a car or
truck. A lot can be learned by removing interior panels on a newer car. You will get to see how the
factory installs its parts. There are many new engineering ideas waiting on newer-model cars for
you to soak up. Attention to these details will give you valuable information that you can use when
building your car.

Maybe you need to measure the frame width or the width of a 9-inch rear end for a ’76 Lincoln Mark
IV. You may be installing suspension for a different vehicle, and you can get measurements from
donor cars. Keep your eyes and your mind open to new ideas the next time you stop by a wrecking
yard. Bring a pen and some paper to jot down information. You can try bringing a camera, but some
wrecking yards don’t allow them for insurance reasons. Check with the management.
Before the 1990s, there were fewer places to buy parts for your car. With the Internet growing as it
has, your options for purchasing what you want or need have increased. Now, from the comfort of
your home, you can access parts manufacturers, warehouses, wrecking yards, distributors,
builders, and other automotive-related businesses.

Internet auctions are also a growing source for finding the parts you need or want. With the Internet
auctions like EBay, you can buy parts from someone on the opposite coast. It is like having a
wrecking yard or speed shop the size of the planet, but accessible from your home. The seller
posts his new or used part on the website. You can log in and bid on it. If you are the highest
bidder, you win the auction. People sell small parts you would not think twice about throwing into
your garbage can. They also sell complete magazine-feature quality Restomods.
Other less formal Internet sites have message boards with good car parts for sale. These message
boards are not monitored or controlled by a secondary source to promote honesty. Most of the
online buyers and sellers are honest, but you take your chances with any online purchasing, even
with monitored sites. High-profile auction websites are not guaranteed either; if a deal seems too
good to be true, it might be. There are some real low-down scum who think it’s fun to post pictures
of a car that does not belong to them, like a ’66 Shelby GT-350-S, and then take money for the car
without delivering it. Bid with caution.
1969 Ford Mustang Boss 302
Keep your eyes on Internet
auction sites for car deals.
Everything from projects to
magazine cars show up on
EBay. This beautiful, Popular
Hot Rodding-featured 1969
Boss 302 owned by Rick Flores
wasn’t on EBay, but cars this
nice sell there every day.
Purchasing Cars
You may need to start your Restomod project by purchasing a car. There are many items to take
into consideration before purchasing a car.
corral listings
EBay isn’t the only
place on the Internet to
find new and used
parts for a bargain.
Websites such as www. and have
Classifieds sections on
their forums. (Image
courtesy www.corral.
Unfinished Projects
Check around; you’ll find good bargains. I saw an article once that stated over 70 percent of “frame-
off” projects are sold before they are finished, or sold multiple times before they’re finished. After
participating in the automotive hobby for almost 20 years, I believe that figure. There are many
reasons big car projects are sold before they are finished. The reasons range from loss of interest,
lack of funds, life changes, and changes in overall planning. Most of the reasons can be traced to
one problem: the lack of an original plan, or the ability to stick to it. Either way, you can benefit from
purchasing a project car that has tons of money and hours poured into it. These cars are usually
sold for less than half the money and time invested. This is a good way to save some of your

Purchasing an unfinished project car can also be a bad thing. It’s possible the builder found a flaw
in his plan or found some serious hidden rust or damage. An unfinished project might be slapped
together with shoddy bodywork or inferior parts. If the car has a roll cage or heavily fabricated
framework, inquire about the type and thickness of the tubing. Bring a tape measure and check
some of the measurements for symmetry and straightness. If you don’t have experience surveying
a car for possible problems, have an experienced person inspect the car before purchasing it.
If you have a good idea of what you are looking for before you start looking, you might not make a
bad choice. For instance, if you are making a Restomod, you may want to stay away from some
unfinished Pro-Street projects. Some Pro-Streeters are easily converted, but don’t forget, they are
set up for straight-line racing. It could cost more money than it’s worth to get the car modified for
street Restomod duties.

This has been a sample page from

How to Build Ford Restomod Street Macnines How to Build Ford Restomod Street Machines
by Tony E. Huntimer
This book Should be called
"How to Build High Performance Fords!"
This is one of the best books we've seen about building high
performance Fords. It contains sections on upgrading brakes
and suspension, improving chassis stiffness, engine choices
and engine swaps, drivetrain choices including
production and
after market transmissions, electrical
systems and even body
modifications. It even has sections
to help you find the right
project car for as little money as possible and where to find the
parts you need to complete your project. This is one of the
best, if not the best book out there about building and

modifying Fords for improved performance. Best of all, this
book is not just about the Ford Mustang as many other Ford
books are. Read the sample pages to learn more!
Click below to view samples
pages from each chapter
Chap. 1 - Shocks & Sway Bars
Chap. 2 - Front Suspension
Chap. 3 - Rear Suspension
Chap. 4 - Frames & Chassis
Chap. 5 - Engine Swaps
Chap. 6 - Transmissions
Chap. 7 - Body & Glass Mods.
Chap. 8 - Finding Parts
8-1/2 x 11"
144 pages
Approximately 300 b/w photos
Item: SA101P
Price: $23.95
Click here to buy now!

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