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Cooling Fan
The Ranger and Bronco II V8 Conversion
Cooling System
For proper cooling on the new engine you may need a larger radiator, and it's critical to locate it as
far forward in the vehicle as possible. This allows clearance between the water pump, cooling fan,
and radiator. It also allows the use of an engine driven cooling fan, which will prevent the
overheating when idling in traffic associated with some lower volume electric cooling fans. 4.0L
engines were available with a thick two core radiator that is adequate to cool most small V8
engines. This radiator was part of the "super cooling" package, but came with most 4.0L engines on
trucks equipped with A/C. If your truck was not equipped with a 4.0L originally or has the smaller
radiator, the two-core 4.0L radiator can be ordered and is a direct bolt on.
Ford Ranger V8 Cooling Fan Clearance
A handy trick to gain more room at the front of
the engine on V8 installations is to modify the
radiator support so that the radiator can be
tucked up under it. You'll need to get an
adapter to install the radiator cap into the
upper radiator hose since you'll no longer be
able to use the one on the radiator since it will
be tucked up under the support. Moroso is one
of several manufacturers which makes an
adapter to do this. Part # 63730 fits 1 1/2-inch
radiator hose, part # 63745 fits 1 1/4-inch
radiator hose, and part # 63740 fits 1 1/2 inch
on one side and 1 1/4 inch on the other side.
You'll need to use a radiator which doesn't
have a provision on it for a radiator cap, and
send the radiator out to your favorite radiator
shop and have them solder the hole shut. A
radiator that has a provision for a cap can be
used, but you'll have two radiator caps. If you
choose to use two caps install a
higher-pressure cap on the radiator so that it
acts as a plug and the cap you use for filling
acts as the pressure relief and overflow.
After market radiators have come down considerably in price and are available in a wide range of
sizes. They're definitely worth considering. A 4-core radiator specifically for this swap is available
from James Duff Enterprises, part # 3630 that retails for $325. It's designed with an extended filler
neck so that the radiator may be mounted under the radiator support. You also may want to
consider checking with your local radiator shop to see if they can build a custom radiator for your
If you're installing a big block in a Ford Ranger or Bronco II you'll have to install a very large
radiator. In our project Ranger we installed a 4-core radiator from a full sized Ford car. This radiator
was huge and actually required the frame to be cut in two and rebuilt to go under the radiator. Our
big block project Ranger has never overheated, even when idling in traffic on a 100 degree day.
For most small block applications this much modification is not necessary.
If you choose to tuck the radiator under the radiator support and  your planning on using air
conditioning the air conditioning condenser will have to located in front of the radiator, as far
forward as possible. The radiator support and grill may have to be modified for added room. An
after market tube grille is a handy way to free up some extra room in front of the radiator while
improving the appearance of the truck. Tube grilles are usually only about a third as thick as the
factory grille.
Whenever possible use an engine driven cooling fan. A properly selected and installed cooling fan
with a shroud will move a considerable amount of air and will keep your engine at the proper
operating temperature. There isn't room at the front of the engine for a clutch fan so you'll have to
use a flex fan. These are available from countless sources. You won't be able to use a very large
diameter due to hood and shroud clearance, but you should use the largest diameter fan that will fit
with adequate clearance. A 17-inch diameter fan will be about as large as you'll fit with adequate
clearance, but this may vary depending on engine location. Some companies manufacture large
blade flex fans, which have a steeper pitch for increased cooling power. These usually can't be
used on a Ranger V8 installation because when running a small fan spacer or no fan spacer at all,
the large blades on these fans will contact the belts or the crankshaft pulley. Fan shrouds from a
Ranger or Bronco II V6 can often be cut down and used with a V8. This works especially well if your
using a 4.0L radiator.
Ford Ranger V8 Electric Cooling Fans
If you choose to run an electric cooling fan,
you probably won't have the room needed to
install it on the backside of the radiator
because of the close proximity to the water
pump. The only practical choice is to mount
electric fans between the radiator and the
grille. Once again, a tube grille can help free
up the room required for this on the front side
of the radiator and can allow fans to be
mounted where it otherwise would not be
If you need a few more inches of room at the front of your motor a possibility worth considering is
one of the short water pumps offered by Ford Motorsport. The standard rotation pump is designed
to be used with V belt pulleys, part # M-8501-N, and is 1.5 inches shorter than the standard small
block water pump. It must be used with a special pulley set M-8509-N. There's also a short pump for
use with serpentine belts. It's part # M-8509-A50. It's 1.75 inches shorter than the production water
pumps and comes with a special front cover which has no provision for a mechanical fuel pump. It
requires the use of a special alternator-mounting bracket M-8511-C351 and a special steel 3-piece
pulley set M-8509-L or M-8509-M for aluminum pulleys. 1991-93 5.0L Thunderbird and Cougar as
well as 1994-95 5.0L Mustang all used a similar short water pump and front cover and can be an
excellent choice for a donor vehicle to acquire your new V8 from.
fuel filter
Fuel System
If you're installing an engine with a Carburetor into your Ranger or Bronco II there are several
possibilities for fuel pumps. If your vehicle originally had fuel injection you have a fuel pump in your
gas tank. This pump provides high-pressure fuel at 40 psi, which is to high for a carburetor. The in
tank fuel pump will have to be removed from the tank. You can install a special mechanical fuel
pump designed to clear the steering sector on the Ranger and Bronco II chassis. You may also use
an after market electric fuel pump that installs in your fuel line and provides 5-7psi of fuel pressure.
If your installing a fuel injected V8 the factory in tank fuel pump will provide adequate fuel all the
way up to 250 horsepower. If your new V8 is going to exceed the 250 horsepower mark, one of the
after-market high volume fuel pumps available for Mustangs may be installed in your tank. If your
Ranger or Bronco II was originally carberated and your installing a fuel injected V8, you'll have to
get an entire fuel tank assembly for a fuel injected Ranger or Bronco II. These are available from
salvage yards that deal with wrecked vehicles.
heater core
Heater Plenum Modifications
Ford Ranger V8 Heater Plenum Modifications
The heater/Air conditioner plenum mounted
on the passenger side firewall will have to be
modified to clear the passenger side valve
cover. The larger the engine the more the
plenum will have to be modified. When using
the 302, often a small piece of the plenum
can be cut out of the corner, flipped over,
and reinstalled with a sealer to provide the
necessary clearance. If your Ranger or
Bronco II has air conditioning the plenum is
considerably larger and more difficult to
modify. A larger section will have to be
removed and replaced. You must be careful
not to damage the air conditioning
evaporator while performing this modification
Body lifts are worth considering on 4-wheel drive vehicles in which a V8 is being installed. This will
provide additional clearance to the heater/air conditioner plenum while at the same time providing
more room around the bell housing bolts and for installation of a taller radiator.
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The Ranger and Bronco II V8 Conversion The Ranger and Bronco II
V-8 Conversion
289, 302, 351, 429 and 460
This 30 page booklet is about building high
performance Ford Rangers and Bronco II. V-8
engine conversion
is discussed in detail for the
small block 289, 302, 351W and the big block 429
and 460. Part numbers used are given, illustrations
of modifications are provided, complete conversion
kits are discussed, parts manufacturers and
suppliers are listed, and much more. Read the
pages for more details!
If you're serious about building a V-8 Ranger,
you need this book!
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Item #: MRE117
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Chap. 1 - The V-8 Conversion
Chap. 2 - V-8 Motor Mounts
Chap. 3 - V-8 Transmissions
Chap. 4 - V-8 Cooling System
Chap. 5 - Axles

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