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Books about the Shelby Cobra
Shelby Cobra Fifty Years
This book is a complete history of Shelby’s Cobra
sports cars. Beginning with a prologue about the events
that led up to Shelby’s decision to build a high
performance sports car, the main portion of the book
tells the history of the production Cobra street cars and
race cars, ending with an epilogue about the
continuation cars.
Shelby Cobra Fifty Years
$ 36.95

Cobra Replicas 1980-2011
You might think a Cobra is an unattainable dream, and
you’d be right. However, a replica that looks just like one
and works rather better is not only attainable – it costs
about the same as a Toyota. Lain Ayre has been
reviewing, building and designing Cobra replicas for
decades and there’s nobody better to have in your
pocket when you stop dreaming and start checking out
buying or building one for real.
Cobra Replicas 1980-2011
$ 18.95

AC & Cobra 1962-2011
The Cobra was Carroll Shelby's brainchild. He
contacted AC in 1961 and secured promises of the Ford
V8s and finance for racing. AC, Shelby and Ford were
soon in business. This book is a collection of 55 articles
and give a full and comprehensive picture of the history
of AC and Cobra cars.
AC & Cobra 1962-2011
$ 47.95

Cobra and Shelby Mustang 1962-2007 Photo Archive
In recent years, interest in the cars created by
Shelby-American has increased dramatically. Shelby
Mustangs and Cobras--with just over 1,000 made--are
becoming impossible to find. The result is that clones have
appeared of each and there is intense competition among
replica owners to see whose replica will end up being most
faithful to the originals. This book shows not only the
originals, but also shows in detail the creativity shown by
replica Shelby and Cobra owners in modifying their cars in an
attempt to capture the spirit of the originals.
Cobra and Shelby Mustang 1962-2007 Photo Archive
$ 28.95

Shelby Cobra Gold Portfolio 1962-1969
The Shelby Cobra was arguably the fastest production
sports car built in the 1960's. This portfolio is a
collection of articles commemorating a car that truly
became a legend in its own time. Includes road and
track tests, Carroll Shelby's profile, specifications, new
model reports, performance data, and racing history.
Shelby Cobra Gold Portfolio 1962-1969
$ 36.95

1965 Shelby Cobra 427 SC 3-D Wall Shelf
Need a shelf to display those car show trophies on?
Then look no further! This 3-D 1965 Cobra wall shelf is
perfect for the garage, office, basement or man cave. It
duplicates the front end of this classic American muscle
car and measures approximately 19 X 8 X 5-inches.
Includes a tempered glass shelf to display your
collectibles and hooks on the back for easing hanging.
Perfect for any car enthusiast. Priority and International
shipping is not available for this item.
1965 Shelby Cobra 427 SC 3-D Wall Shelf
$ 113.95

In Stock

Carroll Shelby 427 Cobra 3D Wall Plaque
This 3D cast resin plaque styled to look like the emblem
of the Shelby 427 and is perfect for the kitchen, dining
room, shop, garage, or man cave. Measures 12 x
7-inches. Hand painted with keyhole slots for easy
mounting. Perfect for any automotive enthusiast. New in
sealed box. Priority and International shipping is not
available for this item.
Carroll Shelby 427 Cobra 3D Wall Plaque
$ 39.95

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