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Lotus Books and Repair Manuals
Lotus Elan and SE 1989-1992
Following the death of Colin Chapman the Lotus company
was purchased by General Motors in late 1985. The new
compact sports car was intended to take Lotus back into the
market for affordable models. It was powered by an Isuzu
DOHC engine. When announced in 1989 there was no doubt
that it was a winner. Unfortunately the economic boom was
followed by a deep recession and the car did not sell well.
Within three years it was all over and the Elan was withdrawn
from production. This is a book of contemporary road tests,
technical and specification data, driver's impressions, and
buying second-hand.
Lotus Elan and SE 1989-1992
$ 18.95

Lotus since the 70's
All titles in this popular series of landscape-format books
contain model-by-model technical descriptions, explain
design and development features, discuss performance and
equipment levels and, where appropriate, competition
activities, as well as providing ownership guidance. The main
text is supplemented by comprehensive reference material in
the form of easy-to-study Appendices.
Lotus since the 70's
$ 24.95

Lotus: The Creative Edge
Following the tradition of the elegant Haynes Classic Makes
Series, this volume provides an insightful and fully illustrated
history of Lotus. Beginning with Colin Chapman and his Austin
Seven Special (the first Lotus), it traces the development of the
company and its cars through half a century of pioneering
sports car production to the latest models and beyond.
Supported by authoritative driving impressions, technical
information and buying advice, this book is the essential
companion for all Lotus enthusiasts.
Lotus: The Creative Edge
$ 27.95

Lotus Elan Owners Workshop Manual
Lotus Elan Owner's Workshop Manual is an enlarged
re-issue of Autobooks manual with maintenance,
overhaul, instructions and technical data for all
components. This book covers all Elan models 1962-74
and has a new chapter on history.
Lotus Elan Owners Workshop Manual
$ 29.95

Lotus the Early Years
Lotus The Early Years tells the story of what might be called
the amateur years of Lotus, before Colin Chapman and Mike
Costin gave uptheir day jobs and worked for Lotus full time.
Colin relied on enthusiasts for motor sport who were attracted
to him partly because of his charm, but mainly because he
was so obviously going places and made things happen very
fast. This is their story, told by as many of them who are still
around 50 years later, based very much or records kept by
the Allen brothers, and the daily diary kept by the author at
the time.That they should have created a car that beat the
world leaders in the1500cc Class seemed astonishing at the
time, but subsequent history showed that these humble
beginnings were based on an ability and drive which took
Colin to the top.
Lotus the Early Years
$ 59.95

Lotus Elise & Exige Gold Portfolio 1996-2005
Simply the purest driving machine on the planet" so said
Sam Mitani of Road & Track about the Elise based 340R. This
portfolio traces the progress of the superb Lotus Elise and its
derivatives. Reported on are the 111, R & S, Sport 135 & R, the
TT 190 & Sport, Exige S1, S2 & 240R, TT 260 Supersport plus
the 340R & GT1. Included are road and comparison tests,
specifications and expert advice on buying used.
Lotus Elise & Exige Gold Portfolio 1996-2005
$ 29.95

Performance Lotus Cortina Workshop Manual 1969
High Performance Lotus Cortina Official Workshop
Manual 1969 has all the information on all repairs and
adjustment procedures for the Mk 2.
Performance Lotus Cortina Workshop Manual 1969
$ 55.95

Lotus Europa Gold Portfolio 1966-1975
The Series 2 had a detachable chassis, electric door
windows and a better dash. Sales in the UK began in July
1969. In the USA the car was fitted with a 1565cc
emission-controlled Renault engine. In 1971 Colin Chapman
launched the Twin-Cam Europa using the 1558cc Lotus ford
engine with changed styling. Last of all was the Europa
Special, available from august 1972 featuring the Big Valve
Lotus Ford engine with Renaults five-speed gearbox.
Production ceased in March 1975. This is a book of
contemporary road tests, technical and specification data,
new model intros, drivers impressions, long-term reports,
Lotus Europa Gold Portfolio 1966-1975
$ 29.95

Lotus Elan 1962-1974 Ultimate Portfolio
The original S1 introduced in 1962 lasted until 1964. The S2
had bigger front brakes and centre-lock wheels. The S3 from
1966 had electric windows and a close-ration gearbox option.
This series also brought the SE model with more power. The
S4 came in 1968 with wider wheel arches and the 128bhp
Sprint came in 1971. This is a book of contemporary road and
comparison tests, technical and specification data, new
model introductions, driver' s impressions, racing, history.
Models covered include:- Series 1, 2, 3, 4 & S4 Sprint, Plus2,
Plus 2S.
Lotus Elan 1962-1974 Ultimate Portfolio
$ 34.95

Lotus Elise Limited Edition
Lotus Elise Limited Edition is a conjugation of articles that
include information such as; road and comparison tests,
model introductions, driving and long-term reports trace the
progress of the Elise from its 1996 debut. Included are full
specifications and performance data on the Sport, 135, Sprint,
Turbo, 111S, Moto-build Racing, and GT1.
Lotus Elise Limited Edition
$ 18.95

Lotus Elite 1957-1964 Limited Edition
Announced in 1957 this fiberglass monocoque did not go
into full production until 1959 when the new factory at
Cheshunt was opened. Coventry Climax supplied complete
engines mated to BMC's B-series gearbox. The fully trimmed
body shells were produced by Maximar. The Series 2 had
bodies made to a higher standard by Bristol with some interior
changes. The SE version had more power and performance,
and could also be specified with Stage II tuning. Due to
difficulties in distribution and pricing the car was offered in
component form in 1961. This is a book of contemporary road
tests, specification and technical data, driver's impressions,
racing, long term tests, and history.
Lotus Elite 1957-1964 Limited Edition
$ 18.95

Lotus Sports Racers
This impressive portfolio provides contemporary articles
covering Colin Chapman's sports racers, produced between
1951 and 1965, drawn from international motoring journals.
The models included in the Lotus Sports Cars Mk. III, VI, VIII, IX,
X, XI, Fifteen, Seventeen, Nineteen, Twenty Three, Thirty and
Forty, with marque introductions by Lotus historian Graham
Lotus Sports Racers
$ 45.95

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