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Turbochargers and Turbocharging
High Performance Turbocharger Systems
This book is the most detailed and up-to-date resource
on turbocharging. You'll learn how to choose the right
turbo or turbos for your engine by reading flow maps,
and how to tune your engine to run perfectly with your
turbo system. Uses more than 300 photos and technical
information to help you make more horsepower. It also
discusses the various components of a turbocharger and
explains how to decode turbocharger model numbers and
compressor maps and includes a complete step-by-step
turbocharger tear-down and rebuild.
High Performance Turbocharger Systems
$ 22.95

How to select and install the correct turbo for big or
small horsepower gains. Discusses turbocharger design,
sizing, matching, controls, carburetion, exhaust,
ignition, intercooling, marine and high altitude
applications. The most comprehensive book available.
Turbo suppliers and kit maker addresses are included.
“Everything you could possibly need to know about
turbochargers for automotive applications is in this
$ 19.95

Street Turbocharging
Street Turbocharging offers parts theory and practical hands
on advice, including step by step procedures and techniques
explained with nearly 500 photos and technical drawings.
Includes sections on the theory behind turbocharger systems
and how they work in the real world, advice on equipment
selection, sizing, purchase and installation. Also includes in
depth coverage of every major component in a turbo system
including compressors, turbines, bearings and lubrication,
exhaust, boost control, intercoolers, water injection, fuel
injection, ignition and electronic control systems.
Street Turbocharging
$ 19.95

Supercharge and Turbocharge GM LS-Series Engines
How to Supercharge and Turbocharge GM LS-Series
Engines is the only book on the market specifically
dedicated to forced air induction for LS series engines. It
provides exceptional guidance on the wide range of
systems and kits available for arguably the most popular
modern V-8 on the market today. Supercharger and
turbocharger designs and operation are covered in detail.
Supercharge and Turbocharge GM LS-Series Engines
$ 22.95

In Stock

Maximum Boost
Find out what really works and what doesn't, what turbo
is right for your needs and what type of setup will give
you that extra horsepower. The author shows you how to
select and install the right turbo, how to prep the engine,
test the systems, integrate a turbo with electronic fuel
injection or carburetors, and even gives detailed
troubleshooting information for both OEM and
aftermarket turbocharging systems.
Maximum Boost
$ 37.95

Special Order

Turbocharging Performance Handbook
This book is the definitive resource on
turbocharging--from ignition to intercooler, exhaust to
EMS--this book tells you all you need to know, whether
you're planning a scratch-built turbo engine, converting a
non-turbo motor, or troubleshooting OEM turbo
Turbocharging Performance Handbook
$ 28.95

In Stock

GM Ford Chrysler Engine Performance Manual
This book is about increasing the horsepower in any
engine, discussing everything from crate motors to
computer chips. Covers early or late model GM, Ford or
Chrysler engines and includes step-by-step engine
build-ups and quick and easy horsepower tips. Contains
sections on power planning, computers and performance
chips, ignition systems, fuel and induction systems,
cylinder heads, camshafts. and valvetrain, nitrous oxide,
turbos and superchargers, complete engine build-ups,
crate motors and engine swaps.
GM Ford Chrysler Engine Performance Manual
$ 22.95

In Stock

Haynes Xtreme Customizing
Haynes now offers the same easy-to-follow,
step-by-step process for customizing your ride.
Everything from adding a powerful sound system to
installing a complete video entertainment center and be
found in this comprehensive book. Some of the chapters
cover; easy upgrades for more power, add a
turbocharger, nitrous oxide kits, bolt-on superchargers,
cat-back exhaust, fuel and ignition mods, engine swaps,
and how to boost your horsepower.
Haynes Xtreme Customizing
$ 32.95

Special Order

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