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Carburetor Books
How to Super Tune and Modify Holley Carburetors
In this book best selling author Vizard explains the
science, the function, and most importantly, the tuning
expertise required to get your Holley carburetor to
perform its best for your performance application,
whether it's street, strip, supercharging, or race
How to Super Tune and Modify Holley Carburetors
$ 22.95

In Stock

Rebuild & Tune Carter & Edelbrock Carburetors
This is a step-by-step guide to rebuilding, modifying and
tuning Carter and Edelbrock carburetors. Sections
included are: history of Carter carburetors; features of
various models; how they work;' carburetor selection;
rebuilding tips and techniques; installation and required
hardware; performance and adjustments; general
tuning; troubleshooting; emission, fuel economy; fuel
supply requirements; racing and special applications.
This books is a must have for anyone installing or tuning
and Edelbrock carburetor.
Rebuild & Tune Carter & Edelbrock Carburetors
$ 19.95

How to Build Horsepower - Carbs & Intakes
David Vizard examines the finer points of carburetors
and intake manifolds, looking for the smallest of
modifications and upgrades which often result in large
performance gains. How to Build Horsepower: Volume 2
includes Carter, Holley, Predator, Weber, Dellorto, and
Mikuni carbs, dozens of factory and aftermarket
manifolds, tunnel ram intakes, etc. Also covers carb
calibration methods, analysis of different designs,
mixture ration and test results.
How to Build Horsepower - Carbs & Intakes
$ 22.95

In Stock

Rebuild and Modify Carter Edelbrock Carburetors
How to Rebuild and Modify Carter and Edelbrock
Carburetors reflects the emergence of Edelbrock
carburetors as the predominant carburetors in the market
today. Author David Emanuel outlines carburetor types,
gives a thorough look at carb selection and carb function,
and offers detailed information on modifications, tuning,
and rebuilding Carter and Edelbrock carburetors. Also
features the history of Carter as well as the history of
the AFB and the AVS since the purchase by Edelbrock.
Rebuild and Modify Carter Edelbrock Carburetors
$ 22.95

Holley Carburetor Handbook 4150 & 4160
In spite of the fact that the Holley 4150 and 4160
carburetors have been around seemingly forever, there
are still some people who are not well versed in the
tuning and rebuilding of these popular carburetors.
Whether you are a beginner or an experienced
enthusiast, with this book you can tune, repair, and
recondition a Holley carb for your vehicle like an expert.
Chapters also include the proper selection for your
application, how to tune for performance or economy,
and much more.
Holley Carburetor Handbook 4150 & 4160
$ 13.95

Holley Carburetor Manual
This is a complete practical guide to choosing Holley
carburetors for any suitable engine and for road or track
performance. Allows the identification of complete
secondhand carburetors and individual components,
including all metering blocks. Easy to follow tuning
instructions to ensure maximum performance.
Holley Carburetor Manual
$ 24.95

In Stock

Holley Carburetors, Manifolds and EFI
Holley Carburetors, Manifolds & Fuel Injection gives you the
inside edge on how to use Holley products for maximum
performance or economy. Includes sections on carburetor
basics and operation, selecting and installing the right
carburetor and manifold, theory and operation of Pro-Jection,
tuning for maximum performance, designing a fuel system,
alcohol modifications, troubleshooting and repair. Over 500
photos, illustration and charts guide you through the
principles of induction that can be applied to any engine
including street, drag strip, road racing, circle track and
marine applications.
Holley Carburetors, Manifolds and
$ 18.95

Rebuild and Modify Quadrajet Carburetors
How to Rebuild and Modify Rochester Quadrajet
Carburetors, seeks to lift the veil of mystery surrounding
the Q-Jet and show owners how to tune and modify their
carbs for maximum performance. This is the only book to
truly cover step-by-step instruction on performance
building the Rochester Quadrajet! A complete guide to
selecting, rebuilding, and modifying the Q- Jet, aimed at
both muscle car restorers and racers.
Rebuild and Modify Quadrajet Carburetors
$ 22.95

Rochester Carburetors
Learn how your carburetor works and what changes give the
best economy or performance. Here's the definitive book on
selecting, instaling, tuning and modifying conventional and
electronic Rochester carburetors. This book also explains
basic carburetor theory, service and performance techniques
for conventional Rochester carburetors. Design, operation
and performance modifications of computer controlled models
are also discussed. Step by step instructions for high
performance modifications are given including a full listing of
Quadrajet secondary metering rods for performance tuning.
Rochester Carburetors
$ 19.95

Rochester Carburetor Manual
Covers all electronic and computer-command-control
(CCC) carburetors as well as all earlier conventional
models used by GM and other manufacturers from the
mid-1960's through the late 1980's. Includes tuning,
carburetor identification, basic troubleshooting,
diagnostic checks for computer-controlled carburetors,
on-vehicle tuning and adjustments, step-by-step repair
and overhaul, performance and economy modifications,
professional tips and tricks.
Rochester Carburetor Manual
$ 24.95

Out of Stock

Weber Carburetors
Select, install, tune and repair Weber carburetors. Learn how
Webers work and what to change for improved performance.
Includes detailed section on tuning specific Weber carburetor
models, how to balance airflow, selection of jets and choosing
emulsion tubes. Concise text and over 300 photos, drawings
and exploded views and charts help you get the best
performance from your Weber carburetor.
Weber Carburetors
$ 19.95

The SU Carburetor High Performance Manual
This book is for those people who wish to tune SU
carburetors themselves, irrespective of how many
carburetors there are on the engine or what type of
engine it is you are dealing with. This book explains how
to set up carburetors and choose needles for any
application, and how to test the engine to make sure that
the induction system is tuned for optimum performance.
The SU Carburetor High Performance Manual
$ 28.95

Special Order

Weber, Zenith Stromberg and SU Carburetor Manual
Total Car Care is the most complete, step-by-step
automotive repair manual you'll ever use. All repair
procedures are supported by detailed specifications,
exploded views, and photographs. From the simplest repair
procedure to the most complex, trust Chilton's Total Car Care
to give you everything you need to do the job. Save time and
money by doing it yourself, with the confidence only a Chilton
Repair Manual can provide.
Weber, Zenith Stromberg and SU Carburetor Manual
$ 22.95

Computer Command Control Diagnosis
This is a used GM diagnostic manual for 1981 to 1983
computer command control driveability diagnosis. It
contains diagnostic information and diagnostic charts for
diagnosis by symptoms.
Computer Command Control Diagnosis
$ 16.95

Tuning Weber Carburetors
This book covers adjusting Weber carburetors to suit a
particular engine, finding problems on an existing
installation, and the maintenance and repair of older
carburetors. Anyone maintaining or restoring a classic
Weber equipped car, contemplating a Weber based
conversion, or simply interested in the science of engine
performance and tuning, will learn something from this
Tuning Weber Carburetors
$ 22.95

Special Order

Practical Gas Flow
Techniques for low budget performance tuning. Back in print
and completely updated to cover more recent engines and
taking into account new emission control laws, etc. For the
do-it-yourself tuner intent on increasing the power output of a
car engine, no problem is greater than how to measure,
assess and understand the flow of gases through the inlet
tract, clylinder head and exhaust. Gas flow, complex, variable
and invisible, is the key to an engine's performance, and
professionals use very costly equipment for its investigation.
This book describes a practical low-cost alternative that lets
you check the gas flow in your engine, devise improvements
and test and compare their effect: it needs patience,
persistence and some manual skills, but no great financial
Practical Gas Flow
$ 21.95

How to Tune & Win With Demon Carburetion
How to Tune and Win with Demon Carburetion provides
a detailed look at carburetor and engine theory in an
easy to understand manner, and is a guide for choosing
the correct carburetor for the application. Tuning tips for
racing, and street/strip use are included and each of the
four Demon models are analyzed in detail along with the
basics of combustion, air flow, emissions, fuel systems,
and gasoline.
How to Tune & Win With Demon Carburetion
$ 22.95

In Stock

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