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How to Make Your Car Handle How to Make Your Car Handle
by Fred Puhn
Make your car handle, design a suspension system, or just
learn about the chassis; you’ll find what you’re looking for in this
book. Basic suspension theory is thoroughly covered including
roll center, roll axis, camber change, bump steer, anti-dive, ride
rate, ride balance and more. How to choose, install and modify
suspension hardware for best handling; springs, sway bars,
shock absorbers, bushings, tires and wheels. Regardless of the
basic layout of your car, front engine/rear wheel drive, front
engine/front wheel drive, rear engine/ rear wheel drive, it’s
covered in this book. Aerodynamic hardware and body
modifications for reduced drag, high speed stability and
increased cornering power, spoilers, air dams, wings and
ground effects devices. How to modify and set up brakes for
maximum stopping power and handling. The most complete
source of handling information available. Suspension secrets
explained in plain, understandable language so you can be an
Condition: New
8 1/2 x 10 7/8
This is a great book that any automotive enthusiast will love!
Hard cornering Suspension and tie rods Rear spoiler angle and down force
Front and rear spoilers and down force Modified race car Modified Subaru race car
Suspension and tires Rear suspension geometry Geometry of a ladder bar rear suspension
This is a great book that any automotive enthusiast will love!
How to Make Your Car Handle
8.5 x 11

Item: HP46
Price: $19.95
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Chassis Engineering
Precise and predictable handling the key to high
performance driving. The art and science of engineering a
chassis can be difficult to comprehend, let alone apply. In this
book, chassis expert Herb Adams clearly explains the
complex principles of suspension geometry and chassis
design in terms the novice can easily understand and apply
to any project. Hundreds of photos and illustrations offer the
information on what it takes to design, build and tune the
ultimate chassis for maximum cornering power, both on and
off the track.
Chassis Engineering
$ 19.95

The Street Rodders Chassis & Suspension Handbook
The experts at Street Rodder have now compiled a
comprehensive handbook on one of the most critical areas
of street rodding Ė the chassis. Sections covered in this book
include frame design and construction, hanging suspension
components, independent verses sold front suspensions,
independent verses solid rear axles, steering system design
and modification, driveshafts, brakes, shocks, springs and
much more. The information is this book will give you the
knowledge to properly design and build your chassis and
The Street Rodders Chassis & Suspension Handbook
$ 19.95

The Ranchero and Torino Handling Manual 1972-1979
This 28 page booklet discusses improving the
suspension and handling of the 1972 to 1979 Ranchero
and 1972 to 1976 Torino. It also shows the construction
and rear disc brake conversion of the 1972 project
Ranchero. Modifications performed to the car are
discussed in great detail, part numbers used are given,
parts manufacturers and suppliers are listed, VIN number
break down is discussed, and much more. This is a great
book that any Ranchero or Torino owner will love! Read
the sample pages to learn more!
The Ranchero and Torino Handling Manual 1972-1979
$ 11.99

High Performance Brake Systems
This book gives you the knowledge to upgrade your
brakes the right way the first time, using over 330 photos
and plain English to help you understand how your brake
system works and what each of the components does.
Includes chapters on each major part of the brake
system, as well as chapters on upgrades for hot rods,
muscle cars, sports cars, and race cars.
High Performance Brake Systems
$ 22.95

Out of Stock

How to Drift - The Art of Oversteer
How to Drift: The Art of Oversteer is a comprehensive
guide to both driving technique and car setup. The author
explains various styles and methods of drifting, and
provides technical physical descriptions and detailed line
art and photos. He goes on to explain how you need to
modify your carís suspension, chassis, engine, and
driveline to enhance its ability to drift.
How to Drift -  The Art of Oversteer
$ 22.95

In Stock

How to Autocross
How to Autocross covers everything you need to know
to get behind the wheel and start autocrossing. It covers
basic modifications such as tire pressures, alignment,
and dampers, to more advanced modifications that go
beyond the stock classes. Because autocross is a test of
driver skill, there is a heavy emphasis on driving and car
control, with coverage on accelerating, braking, weight
transfer, shifting, corners, slaloms, and finding that
perfect line.
How to Autocross
$ 22.95

Can-Am Racing 1966-1974
This books is a complete Can Am racing history from 1966
to 1974. Performance data on BRNM, Caldwell, Ford,
Chaparral, McLaren, Holman Moody Honker and Honker II,
Repco, King Cobra, Porsche, Ferrari, Lola, PAM, March ,
McKee, Shadow and more.
Can-Am Racing 1966-1974
$ 29.95

The Metal Fabricators Handbook
How to build structurally sound, good looking metal parts
for custom street rods, race cars or restorations. Over 350
step- by-step photos and instructions illustrate proper welding,
metal shaping and design techniques. Learn to fabricate metal
like a professional. This book is for the reader who already
has more than a passing interest in automotive fabrication.
Master metal craftsman Ron Fournier shares the tips,
techniques and secrets necessary for fabricating metal
components for race, custom or restoration use.
The Metal Fabricators Handbook
$ 19.95

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