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The Story of a Cougar Catamaran
I became interested in sailing in 2004 and in 2006 I purchased a used catamaran from northern Iowa. I know very
little about this boat other than I believe it was manufactured by Cougar and that they used to be raced at Clear
Lake Iowa. I'm not sure if many are still in service or if they are currently being raced, but we love this boat and
spent the most part of a summer in 2007 restoring and modifying it to better suite our needs. If anyone knows more
about the history of this boat or of Cougar Catamarans please let me know or contact me. I would love to know more
about it and maybe even go sailing with another similar catamaran  to compare this boats current performance with  
to another in good condition. I usually sail at Rock Creek State Park, but I also occasionally take the boat to Red
Rock. If someone is planning on sailing at either of these lakes I would love to synchronise schedules if possible
since sailing is always more fun when there are other boats on the lake.
I found this picture on the
Clear Lake Iowa Yacht
Club web site for 2002
labeled "Cougars Start".
The second boat in the
image (number 275) is the
boat I purchased. I would
love to know who's sailing
it and also who's sailing
the others and also if any
of them still sail.
The boat and the trailer
were both in rough shape
when I purchased them,
but we were able to start
sailing immediately. The
boats name was "Sparkling
Here's a picture taken at
Rock Creek in the fall of
Rebuilding the Boat
In 2007 we decided to do a little work to the boat and trailer to improve its looks.
It's always a good idea to have lots of help!
The hulls were sanded, minor repairs performed and
then painted Dodge Viper red in base coat/clear coat.
The hulls had a front fins/spoilers on the inside similar to those found on pontoons, but made from wood. These
were recreated from fiberglass and molded into the hulls.
The wooden deck was sanded bare and then two layers of fiberglass cloth and resin were applied and sanded to a
smooth finish.
After several coats of primer and repairing minor
imperfections the deck was painted Oxford Whited in
base coat/clear coat.
The trailer was sand blasted, repaired and repainted at
the same time.
It took about two months to complete painting and
refitting the boat.
The boat was renamed "Hawaiian Sunset."
Yes, that's an outboard on the back. After sailing across Red Rock on day the wind completely disappeared. A few
hours of rowing got us back to the marina, but the following week the boat received a 5hp outboard motor. It's
always good to have a back up plan! We clocked the boat running at 15 mph on the outboard with no sails. It won't
pull water skiers, but it beats rowing any day.
The layers of fiberglass allowed carpet to be installed since it was no longer a problem if water was retained.  Carpet
is a lot easier on the knees.
If anyone has any comments or any information about this boat or Cougar Catamarans email me at:

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