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Buick Books and Manuals
How to Build Max-Performance Buick Engines
This book covers everything from the Nailheads of the
'50s and early '60s, to the later evolutions of the Buick
V-8 through the '60s and '70s, through to the turbo V-6
models of the '70s and '80s. Veteran magazine writer and
Buick owner Jefferson Bryant supplies the most
up-to-date information on heads, blocks, cams, rotating
assemblies, interchangeability, and oiling-system
improvements and modifications.
How to Build Max-Performance Buick Engines
$ 22.95

In Stock

GM G-Body Performance Upgrades 1978-1987
Knowing which vehicles were equipped with which
options, and how to best incorporate all the
best-possible equipment in your car is thoroughly covered
in this book. A solid collection of upgrades including
brakes, suspension, and the installation of GMs most
popular modern engine-the LS-Series V-8-are all covered
in great detail.
GM G-Body Performance Upgrades 1978-1987
$ 22.95

Special Order

Buick Riviera Performance Portfolio 1963-1978
The Riviera was always sold as a hardtop model with
two doors. Power and performance gradually increased
over the years. From 1966 it became bigger and heavier.
For 1970 the new 455ci V8 became available but
emissions regulations began to take their toll on
performance. The 1971 Riviera became even bigger with
new styling and by the mid-70s horsepower was much
Buick Riviera Performance Portfolio 1963-1978
$ 27.95

Buick Performance Portfolio 1947-1962
The early post war Buicks retained early-40s styling but this
had changed by 1950. These years were very successful
years even if the products were not always at the leading
edge of technology, performance or styling. The Dynaflow
automatic transmission was ordered on some 85% of all new
Buicks by 1951 although the overhead-valve V8 was not
introduced until 1953. After the chrome and fins era in 1958
the early 1960s produced some well proportioned cars.
Buick Performance Portfolio 1947-1962
$ 27.95

Buick: 1946 thru 1960 Photo Archive
This new book highlights General Motors oldest division
during some of its most successful and exciting years, 1946
through 1960. When World War II ended in 1945, Buick was
champing at the bit to forge ahead in the sales race with its
reputation for size, prestige and straight eight cylinder power
in every model. By 1954, Buick succeeded in reaching third
place in sales, ahead of Plymouth. But after a few heady
years among the sales leaders, some unfortunate styling
decisions in 1957 and 1958 would topple Buick from the
leadership pedestal.
Buick: 1946 thru 1960 Photo Archive
$ 27.95

Chevy GMC Buick Speed Manual
This California Bill classic will help you hot rod Chevrolet
inline six-cylinder 216 & 235 CID engines, GMC 228,
248, 256, 270 & 302 CID engines, and Buick
straight-eight 248 & 320 CID engines. Includes
construction drawings, photos, and valuable
easy-to-read and understand technical data. Reprinted
from the original 1954 edition which sold for $2! A
classic guide for any auto buff's library featuring
California hot rods, track jobs, fast road cars, lakes cars,
and GMC engines in Chevrolet cars.
Chevy GMC Buick Speed Manual
$ 18.95

Out of Stock

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