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AMC Books and Repair Manuals
AMC Muscle Car Restoration 1968-1974
This restoration guide chronicles the entire process of
AMC ownership from selecting a vehicle to disassembly
to final re-assembly. You will find coverage of all steps
throughout: from turning the first bolt to tumbling the
key in the ignition following completion of your
restoration. If you own an AMC muscle car, especially a
Javelin or an AMX, this restoration guide will be your
go-to source for restoring glory to your unique AMC
muscle car.
AMC Muscle Car Restoration 1968-1974
$ 27.95

Out of Stock

AMC Cars 1954-1987
Formed in 1954 by the merger of The Hudson Motor Car
Company and Nash-Kelvinator Corporation, American Motors
Corporation was no ordinary company. It was the last, and the
very best, of the great independent automakers, producing
such notables as the muscle-flexing AMX and Javelin, and the
forward-designed, 4-wheel-drive Eagle. Highly regarded
AMC historian and expert, Patrick Foster, gives us an in-depth
look at AMC and its cars from its beginning in 1954 through
its demise in 1987. Over 300 photos combined with
informative captions show all of AMCs cars. A great reference
for the AMC enthusiast!
AMC Cars 1954-1987
$ 27.95

AMC AMX Photo Archive
From the early design stages of the AMX -- including
early sketches, interior design, clay work, fiberglass
mockups, and show cars -- to the actual production
models, its all here.
AMC AMX Photo Archive
$ 29.95

In Stock

AMC Performance Cars 1951-1983
Documents the appealing, high-performance AMC cars.
Starting with the 1951 Nash-Healey, then the Hudson
Hornet, Nash Ambassador "Le Mans", the awesome
1957 Rambler Rebel, the 1966-1969 Rambler American
Rogue, the Rebel Machine, AMX, 1969 Scrambler, 1971
Hornet SC360, 1972-1975 V8 Gremlin, Javelin, and
AMC Performance Cars 1951-1983
$ 27.95

In Stock

Rambler 1950 thru 1969 Photo Archive
Several small cars were introduced by American companies
in the 1950s but only the Rambler was successful. From
1950-1969 more than four million Ramblers were produced.
Starting out as a Nash model, it later was offered through
Hudson dealers before becoming a separate make in its own
right. Rambler set a sales record for independent makes that
remains unbroken even today. In this exciting new book,
exquisite photographs illustrate models throughout the entire
lifespan of the modern Rambler. Includes a detailed history
of the company.
Rambler 1950 thru 1969 Photo Archive
$ 27.95

AMC Rambler 1956-1969 Limited Edition Extra
This is a portfolio of road & comparison tests plus other
contemporary articles which begin with the resurrection
of the Rambler name in 1956. The story then follows the
introduction & development of the Six, Rebel, American,
Ambassador, Classic, Marlin, Hurst SC/Rambler and
Rogue. It then continues with the re-named Rambler/AMC
cars -- Marlin, Ambassador & Rebel series, up to the
1970 Machine.
AMC Rambler 1956-1969 Limited Edition Extra
$ 27.95

In Stock

AMC / Renault Alliance and Encore Repair Manual
This manual covers the AMC / Renault Alliance and Encore.
Included are sections on major component repair,
disassembly, inspection, rebuilding and assembly. Haynes
shop manuals offer the best coverage on the market today.
Each manual contains easy to follow step-by-step instructions
linked to hundreds of photographs and illustrations. Included
in every manual are troubleshooting sections to help identify
specific problems; tips that give valuable short cuts to make
the job easier and eliminate the need for special tools; notes,
color spark plug diagnosis and an easy to use index.
AMC / Renault Alliance and Encore Repair Manual
$ 22.95

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